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ArchiTEKs (New) Golf, Overspeed Swing Trainer V2, Mens, Golf Swing Speed Training System (V2), Tempo, Rhythm, Warmup

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The ArchiTEKs Golf Overspeed Training System is a three-in-one club design that helps increase club head speed by 5% with retention of swing speeds occurring after approximately one month. The system includes a single shaft and grip with two weight add-ons of 255g, 300g, and 345g. The training takes between 10-15 minutes every other day, and continued use results in continued gains. The system helps increase stopping power and landing angle to stick balls on the green. The product is designed and tailored based on decades of research into overspeed training methods, and research shows that consecutive and persistent overweight, followed by underweight training helps develop quick twitch muscle memory allowing the athlete to bring those enhanced movements into their sport, in this case, golf. The product is suitable for golfers struggling with distance on their driver, woods, or iron shots, or those looking to bring more effortless speed to their game.