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GForce 7 Iron Golf Swing Trainer Super Flexible Shaft Training Aid for Tempo, Rhythm, Transition, Timing + USGA Approved. Most Advanced Golf Training Aid of 2023. Used by Rory McIlroy.

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The GForce 7 Iron Golf Swing Trainer is a USGA approved training aid that helps improve a golfer’s tempo, rhythm, transition, and timing. It has a super flexible shaft that trains the correct loading and unloading of the shaft, improving ball control. The trainer also improves sequencing by helping golfers get everything in the right order on the downswing, transferring energy from the body into the club head. Additionally, the flexible shaft helps develop a pendulum swing, improving rhythm and tempo while eliminating slices, which are caused by poor transition and sequencing. The GForce is designed to be similar in weight to a regular 7 iron, making the transition from the trainer to a regular club seamless. The product has been endorsed by professional golfer Rory McIlroy.