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ME AND MY GOLF Breaking Ball Putting Mat – Simulate Breaking Putts at Home

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The ME AND MY GOLF Breaking Ball Putting Mat is a professional-grade putting mat designed to simulate breaking putts at home. The mat rolls at a medium to fast pace and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. It includes weight-biased golf balls that provide a perfect simulation of real-world breaking putts, with heavy, medium, and slight breaks. The mat has clear markings, distances, start line, apex, regulation size hole, and a perfect putt zone, making it ideal for setting up putting drills to improve your putting. The package includes access to the ME AND MY GOLF training video vault, where Piers Ward and Andy Proudman present exclusive tips and coaching to develop your game. The mat is available in two different sizes, suitable for any home or golf studio, and comes with a protective carry bag for easy storage.