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ME AND MY GOLF True Grip Training Golf Glove – Perfect Grip Every Swing

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The ME AND MY GOLF True Grip Training Golf Glove is a training aid designed to improve golfers’ grip technique. It features a revolutionary grip alignment design that places the club grip along a blue silicone area to ensure the club is positioned perfectly in the golfer’s hand. The glove has visual indicators, including dual knuckle and arrow tip indicators, to help improve grip technique and ensure correct knuckle and shoulder alignment. The glove is lightweight, breathable, and suitable for all weather conditions, with exceptional grip and flexibility. It also comes with exclusive training videos created by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman to support the use of the training aid with specific drills to develop your game. The True Grip Glove conforms to the rules of golf and provides a tacky, non-slip surface for a firm hold of the club.