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TOTAL GOLF TRAINER ARM Aid – to Improve Chipping, Pitching & Full Swing – Lead & Trail Hand/Wrist/Arm Movement to Control Club Face – Straight Lead Arm – Width in Trail Arm – Wrist Hinge & Create Lag

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The Total Golf Trainer Arm is a training device designed to help golfers improve their chipping, pitching, and full swing by teaching them the ideal wrist, elbow, and arm positions throughout the golf swing. It provides instant positive or negative feedback based on whether the red indicator ball is touching or not touching your wrist or arm, helping golfers achieve maximum clubface control and more consistency on all shots. The TGT Arm can be used on either the lead or trail arm, and provides multiple settings to solve common swing faults. It is also ideal for the short game, teaching golfers to maintain proper wrist and arm positions for maximum consistency around the greens.