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Weighted Elbow Brace – Shoulder Turn & Straight Arm Golf Swing Trainer Increasing The Moment of Inertia Force (Rigid, US Patented)

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The Weighted Elbow Brace is a US patented golf swing trainer and training equipment made in South Korea. It has a total weight of 2 lbs, with weight distributed towards the end of the swing motion to increase the moment of inertia and improve shoulder rotation and leading arm straightness. The brace also improves flexibility, strength, and balance through isometric contraction and muscle memory. It comes equipped with a silicone rubber pad, PVC coated rigid heavy steel bar, and airy mesh fabric. The brace includes practice drills like the L to L Drill and Follow Through Drill, and instructional videos are available on YouTube. The brace should be worn on the leading arm with the heavier side facing the wrist.